A Special Event for Wagstaff Equipment Users


Conference Topics at a Glance




Increasing product quality in the casthouse
Best practices in metal preparation, solidification, and casthouse efficiency
Technical presentations, practical demonstrations, and case studies
A unique opportunity to learn from the experts in DC casting

Who Should Attend




Plant Managers
Production Managers/Supervisors
Technical Teams
Operations and Maintenance Personnel

Sampling of Sessions




Mold Table Temperature Control
Setting up an Efficient Mold Shop
Optimize Pit Turnaround Time
Product Design for Safety
Options in Mold Metal Level Control
Introduction to High-Density Billet Casting
Casting Zr Alloys AS28, 6110A
Metal Quality Control
Metallography of Billets Cast with Wagstaff Billet Technologies
Downstream Effects of Metal Quality in Cast Billet
New Features in AutoCast 2020
Improving Water Quality in the Casthouse

Expert Panels:




How to Cast the Best Billet
How to Cast the Best Ingot

Examples of Hands-On Stations at the Wagstaff Facility


Mold Table Maintenance
Refractory Installation
Mold Maintenance
Quick Change Molds
Product Quality
Increased Billet Density/Productivity
Epsilon Mold Maintenance
LHC Mold Maintenance
Gocator Laser Metal Level Control
Flex-Stab Molds
Common Topics
HPU/Casting Pit Hardware
Research Facility Tour
AutoCast 2020 Demonstration